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The company was founded in 1957 by Mr. Maurice J. Bradden. Mr Bradden was a tool and dye maker by profession. He originally managed a jewellery factory in Belleville, Ontario for Avon jewellery.

In the mid 1950’s Mr. Bradden met a very well known jewellery designer in New York, his name was Marcel Boucher. Mr. Bradden became Mr.Boucher’s protégé and moved to Toronto in 1957 to open his own jewellery factory. Over the years the company grew from a staff of half a dozen people to a company that employed over 200 people.

The D’Orlan line was distributed in 30 countries throughout the world. D’Orlan was also the worldwide manufacturer for “Lancel” and “Nina Ricci” fashion jewellery.

As a manufacturer D’Orlan tailored the Nina Ricci collection to a more sophisticated clientele, while D’Orlan was more whimsical, designed for a younger consumer. D’Orlan designed every item in house and became renowned for its high standards. Mr. Bradden was a firm believer in making the best product possible. Only the finest Austrian crystal stones are used in the product. The D’Orlan line is unique insofar as most manufacturing companies buy components from other companies and simply put them together, while D’Orlan manufactured everything in house with the exception of Japanese glass polished pearls and Austrian crystal stones.